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It’s National Pet Day and MNN is part of a live chat with Google, Yahoo and the ASPCA to talk pet adoption and all things animals. The conversation will feature pet experts, plus stories from owners whose four-legged friends have changed their lives.

Guests include:

  • Jackson Galaxy, My Cat from Hell

  • Lil BUB

  • Laura Moss, Mother Nature Network

  • Jessica Shyba of #TheoandBeau
Randall, the voice of the Honey Badger

Join us!

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Water Manipulation

Everything depends on the manipulation of water : capturing it behind dams, storing it in reservoirs, and rerouting it in concrete rivers over hundreds of miles. California has twelve hundred major dams, the two biggest irrigation projects on earth, and some of the biggest reservoirs in the country….”

•It is a Great information filled article about California’s water supplies and usage.

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